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Sun, Jul. 4th, 2004, 01:24 pm
This just in!

Hot off the presses, I just read this article. Apparently the Miami Herald discovered 2,119 people on the voter ineligibility list that should have been eligible to vote. 62% of which were democrats, under 20% republicans, and almost half of the people black. Anyone else get a sense of deja vu?

Sun, Jul. 4th, 2004, 09:24 am
Trans-Atlantic ties, 4th of July, etc

Wow. I've been reading a lot of conflicting reports about how our ties to Europe are alternately getting frayed or strengthened. For instance, this article is all about how Europeans are losing respect for America and Americans.

On the other hand, this article seems to indicate to me that ties to France and efforts to build those ties further have been redoubled. I mean, after all, we'd have to be pretty buddy-buddy with France if we're going to name the tower that is to stand on the WTC site after them, right?

::cue rimshot::

Have a happy Fourth of July! Remember, if you don't think the puppy on the left is cute, you hate America. Aww shit, it's on the left, isn't it? Now I suspect it might hate America! I'm so confused...

Phwew! I can't wait to get the hell out of work- Later I'm gonna be in cheeseburger and carne asada heaven! Maybe if I'm feeling patriotic, I'll drink a few bottles of Sam Adams too. Well, be safe, don't catch mad cow disease, and have fun!

Sat, Jul. 3rd, 2004, 12:48 pm
In the news today...

In the news today, Bush is apparently trying to commandeer churches to snag votes; but that's not what caught my eye about the article. Bush is low on cash! ::shock:: He started at a record setting $200+ million bucks in the 'ol war chest, and now he's down to $63 million. Mind you, he is still fundraising, but still... Given his sagging approval ratings, he certainly isn't getting a lot for his money is he?

In other news, Colin Powell is hitting for the Bush campaign; trying to appeal to gay swing voters. Shake yer shit, Colin! Oww! To the right we see Colin giving a good night kiss to Kuwaiti Ambassador to the UN Mohammad Abdullah Abulhasan after dancing the night away.

And now we turn to our exclusive Spoiler Nader Watch- 2004 coverage:

Nader sure is in the news a lot lately. For instance, Nader is going to debate Dean on NPR- go Dean! NyaarRRRGGG!!!

And Nader failed to get on the Arizona ballot- Haaw haa! Isn't Arizona a swing state? Fucker. Arizona, Indiana, only 48 more states to shut out. Illinois is next.

Or Pro-Bush conservative groups are helping Nader. The devil you say! I never would've seen that coming in a million years! Who'd 'uv thunk it?

Fri, Jul. 2nd, 2004, 02:55 pm
Saddam's trial...

So Saddam had his hearing the other day.

Although I think he's as guilty as the day is long, the trial itself will pretty much be a show.

One point in the hearing was very interesting though.

("Tiger Hand" is awfully similar to the "bulldozer" I bust out sometimes to screw with my niece/nephew/girlfriend's nephew. Hee hee!)

Mon, Jun. 28th, 2004, 07:34 pm
Proper propaganda?

gargoyle637 pointed me towards a not-read-but-lightly-skimmed-over review of Fahrenheit 9/11 titled, Proper Propaganda. His right-wing mom pointed him towards it after hearing portions of the review on Fox News. It was supposed to be an intelligent, yet scathing review of Michael Moore's latest movie.


I can see how there are enough quotes to cherry-pick so that Fox News can give that impression, but wow. I rather liked this review more than any other I've read so far. Instead of an intelligent, yet scathing review, I was greeted with a mind in the process of changing. I saw the potential for people's minds changing. In a country as polarized as ours is now, I am pleased to no end to see not only a person starting to see things from the "other side", but as a reviewer, a person starting to see things from the other side who isn't supposed to show any wavering in his viewpoint. This review makes me think that my already-high expectations of Fahrenheit 9/11 will be justified, and it will be the greatest 'indictment' of the Bush administration yet.

I can't wait to see the movie on Thursday!

Mon, Jun. 28th, 2004, 07:05 pm
A good day for law & order

For all it's flaws, the Supreme Court came through today with a couple of great rulings.

Firstly, Americans arrested/captured on foreign soil do in fact have the right to challenge their detention.

Secondly, non-Americans captured and held outside of America also have the right to challenge their detention.

The moral? American law does in fact extend to foreign soil controlled and staffed by Americans.

Jose Padilla's case remains unresolved, but given past rulings, and the above two, I don't see why an American citizen arrested in America shouldn't be able to tell the government to put up or shut up.

1984? Naww, not permanently anyways.

Fri, Jun. 25th, 2004, 12:58 pm
No, I don't mind sounding a little shrill

Whew! I've said it before and I'll say it again:


Ooooooooooooh! Dick Cheney said a bad word during the class photo! Ooooh! He's gonna be in trouuuuuuuble! Whudda potty mouth!

That ain't nuthin' compared to the trouble Kennedy is gonna get into, cuz he flipped off the camera! I know it's true cuz the freshman senator from Georgia tol' me!

In other news, the Governator wants to terminate pets! Well, more specifically, he wants to cut in half (3 days) the amount of time before a shelter kills a cuddly stray. Other strays will get the long nap immediately. Immediately fer christ's sake! *shakes head* First off, thanks to weekends, bad communication, multiple nearby humane society offices, etc, it can potentially take more than three days to locate one's pet. Second of all, now if I lose a pet that isn't a cat or a dog I need to worry about them killing my pet outright!

My only consolation is that that asshole will not be re-elected, and the harm he is doing will be limited to this half-term.




On a final note, I'm stealing this snazzy link from bord_du_rasoir: The Claims vs Facts Database

[UPDATE] --Cheney admitted his er... rather crude language. He said it made him feel good. Hmm. You know, to be perfectly honest, he actually wins a few points for that in my book. It should make people feel good to tell others to fuck off! Ten points for the Veep! (Current score: -999,999,989)

Mon, Jun. 21st, 2004, 09:35 pm

Oy. There is no other term to describe him. Spoiler. That's all there is to it. Debate all day about whether or not Nader is/was/will-be a spoiler for Democrats. He's a spoiler for Greens too.

Nader picked his his running mate today. Peter Camejo. Essentially, he is trying to either A) Get the Green Party's endorsement without really earning it, or B) he is going to split the Green/progressive vote.

A) David Cobb is the front runner for the nomination. He's been getting votes by being on ballots. More power to him. Peter Camejo is in second place, and an endorsement of Nader is third. When you combine Nader's delegates, Camejo's, and other miscellaneous candidates who endorse Nader, you get a bit of a problem. The endorsement could end up going to a guy who isn't running on the ticket, publicly stated he didn't want to be on the ticket, and didn't win the primary votes. Way to circumvent the process, Ralph.

B) Let's assume for a minute that Cobb gets the nomination he's earned. He will effectively be running against Nader. Either that, or Cobb might possibly step down to avoid fracturing the Green/progressive vote (I simply cannot see Nader ever doing that). In any case, harm will be done to the Green Party, and the odds of anyone besides Bush or Kerry getting above 5% of the vote will be lessened. Hell, even if Nader did get 5% or more of the vote, it wouldn't help, as he isn't affiliated with any parties. I doubt he will, but it no matter what percentage he gets, he will certainly make things harder for the Green Party to gain federally matching funds, access to debates, etc.

Wed, Jun. 2nd, 2004, 09:37 pm
Because all industries should work like this...

Note: The incident that inspired this is real. I heard it burn with my own two ears.

Los Angeles (AP)-- Fire tore through the Pepsi-Cola bottling plant in Riverside, California yesterday evening. The cause of the fire is thought to be accidental, although terrorist involvement has not been ruled out. Investigators are focusing their efforts on a labeling machine in the north-west corner of the complex.

Analysts predict that the fire will cause the already soaring price of soda to hit record highs when trading resumes tomorrow. Prices could go above the $40 per case level that was last seen after last month's sugar refinery bombing in Riyadh. For consumers, this would mean that cola could skyrocket to the previously unheard of price of $2 a liter.

One industry official cited the price hikes as an example of the so-called "disaster premium" on soda. "If another large event like a distribution center bombing or a sugar field fire occurs, the disaster premium on a case of soda would climb to about $8 a case. Depending on the time needed to stabilize the market, prices as high as $50-$60 a case could become a reality."

Californians will be hit especially hard by any price increases. According to nationwide price surveys, the average price for a liter of cola is $1.19, while Californians pay an average of $1.39. Industry insiders say that the price difference is a result of California's more stringent "summer blend" regulations combined with a bottlenecking of soda distribution centers.

"California hasn't seen a new soda distribution center built since the 1970's," activist Scott Unclo of Californians for Soda Accountability said in an interview Tuesday.

The sky-high prices of soda have increased the calls by activists to reduce dependency on sugar-based beverages and switch to "green" drinks such as fruit juice or water. "Americans consume twice as much cola as the rest of the world; we have to reduce our consumption of such unhealthy beverages," said Unclo.

There have been calls recently on capitol hill for beverage reform as well. "We have unnecessarily endeavored to treat the symptoms and not the core problem for far too long," said Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-W.Va.) in a speech to the Senate last week. "A serious beverage efficiency program, bolstered by the promotion of juices and other clean home-grown thirst quenching sources, provides a compass point for a U.S. beverage strategy."

Proposed solutions seem to be divided by party lines though. Democrats are promoting alternative beverages, while Republicans seek to lessen dependence on foreign soda by drilling for fructose in Alaska.

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Sun, May. 30th, 2004, 04:31 pm

Internet access is restored at my work! I can now fart around online as I monitor buildings burning down! Yay! I suppose that means the quasi-hiatus is over. (Provided internet access here isn't some sort of fluke, knock on head wood...)

I would have liked my first post-quasi-hiatus um... post to be meaningful and informative. Unfortunately, I'm just not in a meaningful & informative mood right now. Instead, I am pleased to present...


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